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Improving Health and Losing Weight Holistically

Holistic health takes into account the whole being—physical, emotional, and spiritual—focusing on the root cause of a health concern rather than simply treating the symptoms. As a result, holistic modalities like diet and nutrition, breath and movement, lifestyle and environment, and mind and spirit, when combined, can help individuals achieve their long-term weight loss goals, while understanding what their body needs and eat accordingly.
No matter the goal, physical exercise is an important part of any holistic health plan. And it goes well beyond just losing weight. Physical activity can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even cancer. It builds strong bones and muscles, stimulates neurotransmitters, enhances the immune system, helps with sleep disorders, reduces stress, and improves cognitive performance, just to name a few.  
It’s important to find an exercise program that you enjoy, but one that will also fit your individual health needs. Exercisi…

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