The Benefits of a Ream's Test

So you’ve made the decision to visit a naturopath health practitioner—the first step in creating a wellness and prevention plan. The next step to define your pathway to wellness is to pinpoint any health issues your body may be predisposed to. That can be done with a Ream’s Test.  

Ream’s Test, or RBTI, is a non-invasive, seven part test that uses fresh urine and saliva samples to reveal the intricate cause and effect of physiological dysfunctional patterns. This analysis allows Naturopathic practitioners to create unique lifestyle, diet, and modality recommendations for every individual. The RBTI is not used to diagnose or treat medical illnesses, but it lets the practitioner help you address and reverse unrecognized physiological dysfunctional patterns through personalized lifestyle recommendations.

The fifteen minutes RBTI includes six urine sample tests, including total carbohydrates (sugars), pH, conductivity (salts), cell debris, nitrate nitrogen (protein in-liver function), and ammonia nitrogen (protein out-kidney function);  and one saliva sample test for pH.

The RBTI test can help determine how much water you should be drinking, what juices, teas, herbs, foods, mineral supplements, vitamins, and enzymes you should use, as well as all of those you should avoid. The test can also indicate ancillary therapies like diagnostic, therapeutic, and custodial that you could benefit from.
 RBTI test results can also indicate your calcium needs, digestion issues, high or low blood sugar levels, excess yeast (candida) or parasites, added stress on internal organs, and the health level of your liver and gall bladder.

Remember, no two people are alike, which means health and wellness programs shouldn't be a one-size-fits-all. If you're looking for highly personalized wellness guidance to help you meet your individual health goals, visit Terri Allen, Naturopathic Doctor at Natures's Pathway to Wellness and get started with a Ream's Test.


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